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1931 - 1994

This site is presented by The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg / Basel, to honour the late Lucas SITHOLE, one of South Africa's internationally best known sculptors.



Background History

Lucas SITHOLE is best known for his sculptures in mainly indigenous woods, as well as for his sculptures in bronze, stone and other media.

During my art activities in South Africa between 1961 and 1994, and later on in Switzerland, I had the privilege to present and promote internationally the works by this great son of Africa.



His oeuvre

You can view more than 480 exciting sculptures by Lucas T. SITHOLE out of some 800 recorded works by linking to the following sites or pages.



A mini-Master Registry

of many recorded works has been put up on this site, depending on suitable images being available, listed according to the following categories: the beginnings,  animals and birds, elongated and other figures, heads, mother and child subjects, mythological beings, paintings and drawings, other media including panels and murals, unidentified or misnamed works and queries, without disclosure of private ownership.

Similarly, a selection of stories relating to his sculptures or explanations which Lucas gave in his inimitable way, has been added onto the appropriate pages - Master Registry updated to 8th February, 2017.




Present and intending owners and auctioneers will find it easier to identify their works in case of loss or similar - a free service! If you wish your work to be included at no charge and anonymously, kindly send us your images in jpg format with appropriate details!


100 major sculptures

in Private, Corporate or Public Collections throughout the world - illustrated and listed in the monograph "Lucas Sithole 1931-1994 - Highlights 1966-1993" - ISBN 978-3-033-04655-9 - available in Europe from publishers and occasionally in South Africa on enquiry.

"Lucas SITHOLE Highlights 1966-1993" monograph 2014 - 100 selected sculptures - ISBN 978-3-033-04655-9





Other works

A selection from various collections in the U.S.A. the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, as a 10th April, 2017.


Sculptures in the PELMAMA Permanent Art Collection, variously on public view in Bloemfontein since 9th July, 2007



Biographical Notes + References and Links are also included, updated to 10th July, 2014

List of Selected Solo and Group Shows - updated to 24th January, 2017

Legends relating to the works have been included on the individual websites, where available.


Lucas Sithole through the eyes of his critics - a selection from the press, updated to 3rd August, 2016

Bibliography - a Selection - updated to 24th January, 2017


Lucas Sithole - Interviews, Films and TV documentaries - a presentation, including You Tube uploads on two channels, updated to 4th June, 2012.


Lucas Sithole Memorial Exhibition in Switzerland in 1995 - two views + link to You Tube video

Lucas Sithole - His family - his social commitment and political concern - last updated 12th December, 2016
Lucas Sithole - a selection of his letters - updated on 18th October, 2014
Lucas Sithole - Portraits over the years - updated to end of September, 2009
Lucas Sithole - My Life - an extract from his personal diary
Unfinished works from the Estate - what happed to them? Updated to 26th September, 2014



Publications on Lucas Sithole

Exhibition catalogue 1979 - ISBN 0-620-03982-5     

Monograph 2014 "Highlights 1966-1993" - 100 selected sculptures - ISBN 978-3-033-04655-9

including list of public libraries holding a copy, plus selected book reviews and comments received, updated to 6th May, 2017



Exhibition Posters - a selection - uploaded October, 2011

Missing Images and Data RecordLucas SITHOLE wondering where all the images of his works are






updated to 8th February, 2017

Copyright on all works by Lucas Sithole
All bronze casts, authorised and unauthorised - updated to 28th August, 2012


The transitional period - a brief illustrated record of the pre-gallery period, updated to 22nd January, 2017 (C04)
Transition - a borderline case and references - updated to 7th March, 2014
Doubtful works, Curios and Fakes on the market - updated to 9th February, 2014 (F06)

Link to Sotheby's and Bonham's and other auction results - updated to 12th June, 2012 - this section will not be kept up-to-date any longer, but results will be shown on the appropriate web pages!


Highlights of recent auction results - updated to 10th November, 2011


Comparative reference table - for easy identification of HP, LS and LD numbers (PDF), uploaded 11th April, 2012


Comments about the rarity of works by Lucas SITHOLE affecting prices, uploaded 15th May, 2012



Lucas SITHOLE uploads to Youtube








See also the latest upload on my personal Youtube channel - MOST EXCITING in many respects - see for yourself!



I hope you will enjoy these works!

Fernand F. Haenggi

Basel, anno 2001/2017



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