1931 - 1994


Mini Master Registry

A small selection of images from over 480 works listed in

the MASTER REGISTRY containing  just under 800 recorded works by Lucas SITHOLE

is being presented in this section in date order under the following categories:



Sculptures - The beginnings - 1 p. 9 works (revised May, 2017)

Sculptures - Heads - 4 p. 61 works (revised May, 2017)

Sculptures - Mother & child - 4 p. 39 works (revised May, 2017)

Sculptures - Elongated and other figures - 15 p. 209 works

Sculptures - Animals and Birds - 5 p. 78 works

Lucas SITHOLE with LS6817 "Bullfighter", 1968 - Gallery 101 Johannesburg October1968

Sculptures - Mythological beings - 1 p. 12 works

Paintings and Drawings - 1 p. 32 works

Other media - panels and murals - 3 p. 15 works

Misnamed works - your input would be appreciated! - 1 p. 6 works


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Queries - your input would be appreciated! - 4 p. 29 works

Works withdrawn and destroyed by Lucas Sithole - 1 p. 5 works


Addendum - all works were moved to their respective categories during November, 2009


Alphabetical lists of titles of the illustrated works



Images are only identified by the Registry Number; the first digits refer to the year, the following digits to the consecutive record in that year. Names of private owners are not disclosed. 


For a better view and details, such as title, media, sizes, provenance, where exhibited, press references and the like, please click on the images as required to get to their own page.


We do not have images available for all the recorded works; in some cases we have images but no other details such as original titles or sizes - we would appreciate if owners could contact us with full particulars, especially if the works were acquired during the 1960s or 1970s. See this additional details on this link!


Lucas SITHOLE holding LS8810

LS8810 and Lucas SITHOLE


The Master Registry is kept by The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Basel, on a voluntary basis - it is hoped that the information made available will be useful to current and future owners for identification or insurance purposes, and that international auctioneers and museums will be able to make use of the extensive data for research or exhibition purposes.


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This section was last adjusted on 16th June, 2017, as images are made available by present or past owners, or dealers/auctioneers.