1931 - 1994



Full Copyright on all works by Lucas SITHOLE is held by The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg / Basel under copyright agreement with the artist's Estate.


Unless you already hold a valid copyright agreement, you need the written permission of the copyright holders to reproduce any of the works on this website in any manner, including all other sculptures or paintings created by the late Lucas SITHOLE  - please send your enquiry to the address hereunder. Obtaining copyright permission will as a rule only entail the cost of sending a few copies of your publication for archival purposes, supplying professional slides and notifying us, giving full details, so that our master register may be kept up-to-date. All infringements may cause you unnecessary legal costs !




Enquiries to: The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Postfach 1539, CH-4001 Basel / Switzerland or "pelmama.thf at"



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