Lucas SITHOLE LS6817 "Bullfighter", 1968 Ironwood 59x79x?? cm


"Bullfighter", 1968 - Ironwood - 059x079x??? cm



Gallery 101, Johannesburg


Lucas SITHOLE with LS6817 "Bullfighter", 1968 Ironwood at Gallery 101 Johannesburg 1968

Lucas SITHOLE arranging his exhibition at Gallery 101, Rand Central, Johannesburg - October, 1968 (at back one of his paintings - LS6702)


Work exhibited:

Gallery 101, Johannesburg - 1968

Durban Art Gallery, Durban - art south africa today 1969


Work listed:

art south africa today 1969 (Durban Art Gallery), cat. 125, listed

Work listed under cat. 189 (6) in „Sydney Kumalo and other Bantu artists of the Transvaal“ by Susanna Jansen van Rensburg (unpublished M.A. degree thesis handed in to Prof. Dr. F.G.E. Nilant, Dept. History of Art, University of Pretoria) (1968/69) - stated to be unsigned


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