1931 - 1994


Other important works

in Private, Corporate or Public Collections throughout the world,

selected at random, presented in date order

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"Snake dancer", 1968

LS 6806 Apricot wood 199x42x42

Private Coll., Johannesburg, ZA



"Wounded Buffalo", 1971

LS 7101 Bronze 1/1 abt. 125 cm H

 formerly at Recreation Centre, Bracken Mines Ltd., Evander

Commissioned by Mrs C.B. Anderson, Union Corp. Ltd., Johannesburg

Plaster completed at the studio of Hennie Potgieter, Schoemansville - Bronze cast by Joubert, Pretoria

Sold on auction when Bracken Mines closed

Private Coll., Boksburg North, ZA



"Proud Soul", 1973

LS 7304 Swazi indigenous wood 118 cm H

Coll.: SA National Gallery, Cape Town, ZA



"Horse's head", 1976

LS 7601 Cape mountain stone 30x20x50

Private Coll., Los Angeles CA, USA


LS7701 frontview

"Proud and Angry", 1977

LS 7701 Zulu indigenous wood 95x52x35

Private Coll., Pretoria, ZA



"Old friends", 1979

LS 7902 Hardekool 84x84x33

Coll.: Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, ZA


Lucas SITHOLE LS8102

"With love and happiness, peace grows", 1981

LS 8102 Msimbiti 173x27x26

Private Coll., Johannesburg, ZA



"Life saver" (Dolphin), 1982

LS 8209 Msimbiti wood 12x61x13

Coll.: Museum der Weltkulturen (ex Museum für Völkerkunde), Frankfurt a.M., D



"Senganele !" (I've had enough !), 1985

LS 8511 Msimbiti wood 107x45x29

Private Coll., Johannesburg, ZA



"Manzimtoti !" (It's delicious !), 1985

LS 8513 Zulu indigenous wood 47x32x74

Coll.: University of Fort Hare, Alice, ZA



"Eagle's Head", 1987

LS 8701 Zulu indigenous wood 48x53x31

Coll.: SASOL Ltd., Johannesburg, ZA



"I can see everything", 1988

LS 8811 Indigenous wood 120x58x58

Private Coll.: Baar ZG,  CH



"My children, my children !" (Warthog), 1989

LS 8912 Msimbiti 57x147x45

Private Coll.: Basel,  CH



"Bison", 1989

(Seen from the other side, the sculpture represents a "Lion making a kill")

LS 8913 Swazi root forms 68x74x26

Private Coll.: Johannesburg, ZA



"Mkhoma" (The big fish from the sea), 1993

LS 9304 Ironwood 26.5x15.5x103

This is the last sculpture known to have been completed by Lucas before his death

Private Coll.: Johannesburg, ZA


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