LS Query "B" Lucas SITHOLE

LS-Query "B"

"Elongated figure", 19?? - Wood (?) on liquid steel base - 058x???x??? cm



Priv. Coll., Lucerne

Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Work auctioned by:

Sotheby's Johannesburg - 12th Nov. 2001 - Lot 529


Work illustrated:

Sotheby's Johannesburg - 12th Nov. 2001 - Lot 529, cat. p. 69, ill.




This work was misnamed by Sotheby's Johannesburg and was most likely acquired by first owner from Gallery 21, Johannesburg, in about 1974/1975 and later resold.

Our records are inconclusive and incomplete and require past owners' collaboration - will first owners please contact us with further details as to when and where acquired and under what ref. number or title!


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