LS8712 Lucas SITHOLE "They must be here, somewhere!" 1987 Wild olive wood on msimbiti base 071x028x012 cm


"They must be here, somewhere!" ("They must be there!"), 1987 - Wild olive wood on msimbiti base - 071x028x012 cm



Priv. Coll., Allschwil

Priv. Coll., Basel

Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Work exhibited:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - 1987 cat. X18

Kunstsammlung Kulturstiftung, Unterseen / Interlaken, Switzerland (Memorial Exhibition) - 1995 cat. 09

Artimex Fine Arts, Basel - 1997/98


Press review:

Financial Mail, Johannesburg - 23.10.1987, commented

Beeld, Johannesburg - 28.10.1987, commented



This sculpture is recorded and illustrated in the monograph published in 2015

“Lucas SITHOLE 1931 – 1994: Highlights 1966-1993” – ISBN 978-3-033-04655-9 – on pp. 156/157


Artist's legend:

"When she was flying, she saw her chicken playing, chasing one another, because she had brought some food along for them. When she eventually came to the ground where her chicken had been playing, she found none. When she called, there was no response. She then kept quiet for some time and thought she heard some whispers or strange sounds. She turned her head and ears to listen and she said to herself "Oh, they must be here, somewhere!"


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