LS8711 Lucas SITHOLE "The dream" 1987 Zulu indigenous wood 058x039x034 cm (Coll. University of the North, Sovenga)


"The dream", 1987 - Indigenous wood from Zululand - 058x039x034 cm



University of the North, Sovenga ZA



Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Work exhibited:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - 1987 cat. X13; 1988 cat. X15; 1993 cat. X07

Johannes Stegmann Art Gallery, UOFS, Bloemfontein - 1988

SA Association of Arts, Pretoria - 1989 cat. X02

SA Association of Arts, Pretoria ("Land and Lives") - 1993

SITHOLE Estate Sale - Victory House, Johannesburg - 1995 cat. 07


Work illustrated:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - ill. on Lucas Sithole invitation card - Oct. 1987

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - exhibition poster - Oct. 1987

Johannes Stegmann Art Gallery, UOFS, Bloemfontein - 1988, ill. + cat. 15


Work listed:

SA Association of Arts, Pretoria  ("Land and Lives") - 1993 cat. 71


Press review:

Beeld, Johannesburg - 28.10.1987, commented



Artist's legend:

"The woman had a dream of an eagle. The eagle was her father. Her mother, the owl, was wearing a red dress with black flowers."

(The eagle symbolises strength, wisdom and power, the owl wisdom)


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