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to sculptures by Lucas SITHOLE in collections in the U.S.A.


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LS6103  LS6106  LS6301.2  LS6311.3  LS6318  LS6406  LS6511  LS6517   LS6707.3   LS6803

LS7301  LS7311  LS7308  LS7312  LS7401   LS7402   LS7408  LS7413  LS7417  LS7429  LS7514  LS7536   LS7546   LS7562  LS7601  LS7603  LS7704  LS7707  LS7708  LS7723  LS7809  LS7814  LS7906  LS7921  LS7926  LS7935 

LS8010  LS8013  LS8024  LS8025  LS8101  LS8126  LS8308  LS8311  LS8406  LS8512  LS8601  LS8607  LS8708

LS9001   LS9003

LS9202   LS9205


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to paintings and other media by Lucas SITHOLE in collections in the U.S.A.

 LS5903  LS6409  LS6727  LS6821



Lucas SITHOLE and the California 1980 fiasco

May be you can shed more information on this - thanks in advance!


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updated 29th March, 2017

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