Query "KK" Lucas SITHOLE "Elongated figure" pre-1968 - mahogany - 92.5 cm H


"Elongated figure", pre-1968 - mahogany on wood base - 92.5 cm high



Warren Siebrits Fine Arts, Johannesburg - 2006

Sydney Press Estate, Johannesburg


Prior provenance:

Acquired directly by first buyer from the artist, before the base was properly completed!


Work on auction:

Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg - 20th November, 2012 - Lot 852 - unsold

Sotheby's Cape Town - 26th October, 2004 - Lot 694


Work illustrated:

Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg - 20th November, 2012 - cat. p. 149 - Lot 852, ill.

Warren Siebrits website search archives - 2007

Sotheby's Johannesburg - 26th October, 2004 - cat. p. 125 - Lot 694, ill.

Siebrits, W, Modern, 2005, Exhibition catalogue For Origins of Form: Sculpture and Artefacts from Southern Africa, Thursday 7th November 2002 Saturday 25th January 2003 (Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary Art, Johannesburg), ill.



This work is NOT illustrated in "Land and Lives" (Miles) as stated erroneously by auctioneers in 2012



The work is unsigned, the only unsigned sculpture known to exist other than some unfinished works originating from the SITHOLE Estate, now housed at the Pretoria Art Museum or the University of Fort Hare, Alice.

The fact that a heavier base still had to be completed by Lucas SITHOLE may explain why the work had not yet been signed by him after being shown to the first buyer!



This work which we date to 1965 - 1968 was misnamed by Sotheby's Cape Town or the original owner's Estate; the wood appears to be "mahogany", not "Rhodesian teak"

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