LS7309 Lucas SITHOLE "Go away!" ("Hamba!") ("Hambanike"), 1973 - Ironwood - 061x055x??? cm


"Go away!" ("Hamba!") ("Hambanike"), 1973 - Ironwood - 061x055x??? cm



Gallery 21, Johannesburg

Gallery International, Cape Town


Work exhibited:

Gallery International, Cape Town - 1973 cat. 14


Work illustrated:

Lucas SITHOLE 1958-1979 - ISBN 0 620 03982 5 - p. 105

Our Art4 Ons Kuns (F.E.S.T., Pretoria), 1993, p. 181 commented + ill.


Press review:

The Argus, Cape Town - 13.09.1973, mentioned

Die Burger, Cape Town - 20.09.1973, mentioned



Version 1 of LS7309 done in 1970 was exhibited at Gallery 101, Rand Central, Johannesburg, on 5th October, 1970

Lucas SITHOLE LS7309 Stage 1 from 1970 being discussed by sculptor Hennie Potgieter and Gallery 101 custodian Bertie du Plooy


Still from documentary "Lucas Sithole, sculptor" produced and directed by Richard Harvey in 1968/1970. The 12' documentary can be seen on

Lucas SITHOLE is explaining his work which relates to his life around him, supported by music composed by Professor Alan Solomon. Included are a number of views from the solo exhibition held at Gallery 101, Johannesburg, on 5th October, 1970, including Vers. 1 of the above work LS7309, being discussed by the sculptor Hennie Potgieter and gallery custodian Bertie du Plooy.



This sculpture is recorded and illustrated in the monograph published in 2015

“Lucas SITHOLE 1931 – 1994: Highlights 1966-1993” – ISBN 978-3-033-04655-9 – on pp. 38/39



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