LS6728 Lucas SITHOLE "Forgive me!", 1967 Rhodesian teak - 29x19x?? cm


"Forgive me!", 1967 - Rhodesian teak - 029x019x??? cm



Gallery 101, Johannesburg


Work illustrated:

"Aspects of 20th Century Black South African Art up to 1980" (Amanda Anne Jephson) (M.A. thesis) (Faculty Fine Art and Architecture, University of Cape Town), 1989 (unpublished), ill. pl. 4.12a


Work listed:

Work listed under cat. 182 (6) in „Sydney Kumalo and other Bantu artists of the Transvaal“ by Susanna Jansen van Rensburg (unpublished M.A. degree thesis handed in to Prof. Dr. F.G.E. Nilant, Dept. History of Art, University of Pretoria) (1968/69) - stated to be in kiaat, signed underneath


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